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What Is Sewer Line Jetting?

A common method used to clean out sewers and drain lines is by taking a high-pressure stream of water through jetting nozzles and using it to blast through clogs and obstructions. This is referred to as sewer line jetting, and it’s a very environmentally-safe method to clean out septic tanks and the like.

There aren’t that many companies that offer this service let alone have the knowledge to use it correctly. This procedure requires a heavily trained professional to get the job done right since this is a specialized service.

We at Iowa Water & Waste Systems use this method with top-of-the-line equipment and are fully qualified to use it for sewers, septic tanks, and drainpipes.

The other companies in the area that offer this service use trailer units that aren’t able to be used in cold weather where the temperature dips below 30°F. We, on the other hand, have a unique set up in an enclosed box truck that enables us to use sewer line jetting regardless of the temperature outside.

What Is Sewer Line Jetting?

  • Septic line cleaning
  • Rejuvenation of existing soil absorption lines
  • City sewer line services for both residential and commercial
  • Field tile lines and culverts
  • Septic work for private development communities


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